wholly owned by

wholly owned by Sumitomo Corporation.

Modern slavery statement for SEPL

Group Structure

Summit Exploration and Production Limited (SEPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation (SC), a company incorporated in Japan.

The SC Group of companies is an integrated corporate group committed to business activities in a wide range of industries with over 900 group companies worldwide.  At the core of the SC Group lies Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy.  The Corporate Mission Statement is based on this philosophy and represents SC Group’s fundamental and ultimate value standard stating an “utmost respect for the individual” and placing a prime importance on integrity and sound management.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SC, SEPL clearly shares its parent company’s core values and abides by them.

SEPL’s Business

SEPL is in the business of exploring for and producing oil and gas offshore in the United Kingdom continental shelf.  Our supply chains include manufacturers and distributors of oil and gas material supplies, third party contractors providing equipment, consultancy and personnel as part of the exploration and production process and third party contractors providing transportation to and from SEPL’s non-operated production facilities.

SEPL’s Commitment to Sumitomo Corporation Group Anti Slavery Practices

SEPL is aligned with the values of the Sumitomo Corporation and are included in the Corporation Group Slavery Statement.