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P666 | P188 | P362 | P752 – ‘Elgin Franklin’

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P666 | P188 | P362 | P752

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Summit Exploration and Production Limited 2.1875%
Harbour 19.310%
Esso Exploration and Production UK Limited 4.375%
Ithaca 3.9%
ONE-Dyas UK Limited 2.1875%
TotalEnergies 46.173%
Eni 21.867%

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11 (P666) | 4 (P188) | 7 (P362) | 27 (P752)

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The Elgin-Franklin development is located in the Central Graben Area. The installation consists of three separate platforms, two of which are connected by a 90 m bridge: two wellhead platforms which house the wells, one each for the Elgin and Franklin reservoirs, and the process, utilities and quarters (PUQ) platform, which is the central processing platform

The Franklin wellhead platform (WHP) has nine well slots (seven wells on the Franklin Field and two extended reach wells on West Franklin). It is not normally manned but has a helideck and shelter for up to 20 people.

The Elgin wellhead platform has 12 well slots (11 wells on Elgin and one extended reach well on Glenelg). The platforms are linked to the PUQ by flowlines and were installed in 1999.

The Produced oil is transported through the Forties pipeline system to the terminal in Grangemouth while produced gas is transported through the SEAL Pipeline to Bacton

Franklin field
The Franklin field is a tilted fault block of Upper Jurassic Fulmar sandstone. A Middle Jurassic Pentland formation forms a second reservoir with a separate hydrocarbon pool.
Production began in August 2001

Elgin field
The Elgin structure is split into several separate fault panels with discrete gas water contacts. The reservoir is the same Fulmar sandstone as Franklin.
Production began in March 2001.

West Franklin
The West Franklin structure has a Fulmar formation reservoir.
Production began in January 2015