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P2006 – ‘Avalon’

Licence Number


License Blocks



Ping Petroleum (UK) Limited

Partners and % interest
Ping Petroleum (UK) Limited 50%
Summit Exploration and Production Limited 50%

License round acquired


Asset Stage


Asset Description and Overview

The Avalon prospect is located in the Moray Firth Area and was discovered in 2014 by the 21/06b-08 well, An appraisal well (21/06b-09) was drilled in 2017 to confirm reserves and the field extent.

Operatorship was transferred from SEPL to Ping Petroleum (UK) Limited in June 2018 and the partnership is working towards a field development plan with first oil planned in 2022.

The Avalon Development is a combination trap in the Cromarty sandstone and contains 22º API oil.

SEPL is currently seeking to Divest this Asset via Stellar Energy. Further information can be found on the Farm In Opportunities Page.